Our services include, but are not limited to

  • 1Knobs and Handles

    Only the best hardware for your kitchen or bathroom

  • 2Door Knockers

    Create a statement on your door with a high quality, beautiful door knocker.

  • 3Safes

    Keep your valuables locked away, be it your personal records or life savings.

  • 4Deadbolts

    The final stand for your door, if all else fails, your deadbolt will hold.

  • 5High Security Locks

    Only the best for your family or business.

  • 6Safe Combo Changes

    Not-new safe that's new to you? Who knows who knows the combination.

  • 7Safe Sales & Installation

    Buy your cake and have it too. We'll install your new safe for you.

  • 8Master Keying

    Create a Master set for your entire office or your house.

  • 924/7 Emergency Lockouts

    We'll get you back inside in no time at all.

  • 10Door Closers

    Make sure your doors are shut all the time.

  • 11Exit Devices

    Push-Bars for every application.

  • 12Rekeying

    Lose your key? Who knows who'll find it.

  • 13Door Knobs

    Stand out from the crowd with a shiny new door knob and hardware.

  • 14Keyless Entry Systems

    Who needs keys anyway? Just type in your passcode.

We carry the following product lines plus many more…